Vacation Home vs. Hotel 

Over the past few years the use of vacation property rentals have gained popularity. How do you know if renting a vacation home is right for you?

Size Matters: Most hotel rooms are around 400 square feet. Compare to that the average vacation home’s square footage of 2,000 feet. There are times when 400 square feet will suffice, and others when its nice to be able to have some space and room to roam. 

Groups: Size goes hand in hand with family or group vacations. When staying at hotels with a group of friends, often times the highlight of the night is being gathered around the table at dinner. There’s laughter and joking, delicious food and good conversation. When the check comes, the jovial night ends as couples or families head back to their own individual hotel rooms and flip on the television. With a vacation home, the festivities can simply transition from restaurant to poolside or to the comfy, spacious living room. Pull out a card game or whip up a quick dessert for all to enjoy.  

The Location: Sonoma and Napa Valley are world famous as award winning wine country and the number one reason people from all over the globe visit each year. Imagine starting and ending each day in the comfort and privacy of your own vacation home surrounded by vineyards. 

The Extras: Each house comes with complimentary wifi access and free parking.  Laundry is on site as well! 

The Kitchen: Don't get me wrong, we all love dining at restaurants when on vacation; and Sonoma has no shortage of tantalizing restaurants to try. Yet how many of us eat three full meals a day while at home? Having a fully functioning kitchen allows us to enjoy breakfast at the favorite local diner, snack by the pool at lunch and head out on the town for dinner. You can prep your own charcuterie plate for a day of wine tasting or lounging in the town square during farmers market and enjoy the live music. 

Whether you're looking for privacy and seclusion or a place to vacation as a group, when it comes to rental properties of Sonoma and Napa Valleys, Woodfield Properties has homes for every preference. Peruse our rentals online or give us a call so we can help you find the rental home of your wine country dreams! 


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